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Jewish Privilege – Nothing Else Comes Close!


“The joke doing the rounds of the British Union of Fascists at this time was that the Jewish national anthem was, ‘Onward Christian Soldiers.'”

Well, I admit it Goy. I have been largely unaware of this orchestrated campaign which is occurring throughout all European Countries and the  the US, Australia and Canada that says the oblivious whiteman is not aware  that everything he takes for granted on a daily basis is something other folks are forced to dream about that they may one day have access to if they don’t have white skin.

Of course I knew there were some Jews pushing the idea for several years but I had fooled myself into thinking that much of the logic was too weak to spread. Logic such as, “If you are white, you can’t be discriminated against or subject to a hate crime because of your history.”That logic never made…

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